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We work with brokers that understand your needs as First Home Buyers. They don't cost you a thing! It is all about listening to you, asking the right questions, taking your current and future situation into account and guiding you to become a successful and happy First Home Owner.

Finance, Land and House are the three essential elements that we can take care of for you. It means a journey free of worries and question marks that you don't need to have.

Better First Homes finance experts have access to information on the latest offers from a number of financial institutions to give you all the options.

They can assist with:

  • Government Assisted Finance
  • First Home Owner Grant applications
  • Home Loans
  • Savings assistance when you are not quite ready yet

government assisted finance

Keystart and other products can offer the right fit for you. Our brokers will show you the pros and cons and find the best fit option for you and your family.

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first home owners grant

The First Home Owner Grant scheme commenced on 1 July 2000. Eligible applicants are entitled to a one-off $7000 grant. We help you to assess your eligibility.

home loans

Our brokers have all the information you are looking for as a First Home Buyer or Investor. As we want to get everything we do right, we will ask you the right questions to make sure you get the right answers. Our Finance team will assist in finding a product that suits your individual needs, including:

  • No Savings Home Loans
  • Family Guarantee Loans
  • First home buyer loan options
  • Consolidation of personal debt (personal loans & credit cards) to increase borrowing capacity

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savings assistance when you are not quite ready yet

Are you sick of paying someone else's mortgage and want to get out of that circle?

Are you keen to get into your own home, but need some help to get there?

You need someone to make sure that you are saving for the deposit of your home and not spending it on shoes, cars, holidays...

We are here to work with you and develop an individual plan for you to get you where you want to be.

Do you qualify?